Frequently Asked Questions


What is the refund policy?
Please contact us within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

Course Content

Is course content current?
Yes! Updates are covered. Each major release of Salesforce is meticulously reviewed to ensure site content is current. Please check the "Certification Objectives" page within the course to see when the last major revision to course content was made.
How long do I have access to the course?
Access does not expire! Those that purchased the prior version of will have access to the new platform and content for free!
How is course content delivered?
The best experience is through a web browser (either mobile or desktop). Some information is not displayed on smaller devices (such as the table view on Section Objective pages).
Is offline access available?
Offline access is available through the Teachable iOS application, however this app is limited to video and quiz content (a web browser is required to access objectives, exams, and feedback pages). If you see the message "This lecture is empty", please use a web browser to access that content.


Not all content loading?
Please use a modern, updated browser on this site - Chrome or Firefox is recommended. Older versions of Internet Explorer (pre-Edge) in particular are known to be incompatible. If you see a progress bar that never loads or video content does not load, please try another browser.
Table mode / some information is missing on a mobile device?
This site is responsively designed; some information (e.g. table mode on the section objectives page) is not visible on smaller screens.

Exam Specifics

What release of Salesforce will my exam cover?
There is generally a delay between when Salesforce releases a new version and when the certification exam is updated to reflect that release. See below to understand what release of Salesforce you are using today. When you register for the exam at Webassessor, you will see what release the exam covers by the code of exam. In this example, "SU15" refers to the Summer 15 release.
What version and release of Salesforce am I using?
Once you are logged into Salesforce, the version (Professional, Enterprise, etc.) of Salesforce is listed on the company information page within setup, and the release (Winter 17, Spring 17, etc.) of Salesforce can be found by selecting a standard application (e.g. Sales) from Salesforce Classic – the version can then be seen by looking at the application image in the top left. Site Migration

Looking for the "old" version of
You will find the latest content available on this site. However, CoD Classic will remain available at
Which version of should I use?
This site! You'll find the latest content here. Other versions of will not be supported moving forward.
I purchased the previous version of Will I get access to this site?
Yes! Your account information has been migrated to this platform for free!
Account access instructions were sent via email on Dec 22, 2017 to paid customers of Free accounts were not migrated.