Spring ’17 Updates

Several updates have been made for the Spring 17 release.  Please see below: Stay in touch retired and removed: https://certifiedondemand.com/sales-cloud Updated to reflect new permission to edit converted leads: https://certifiedondemand.com/configuring-salesforce-lead-conversion/ Lightning resources updated: https://certifiedondemand.com/user-interface/ Cloud scheduler removed: https://certifiedondemand.com/sales-cloud/ Lead update page updated: https://certifiedondemand.com/configuring-salesforce-lead-conversion/

Winter ’17 Updates

    Almost all of these updates were made some time ago, but I feel that an official post was needed.  CertifiedOnDemand.com is updated for Winter 17 – please post if I’ve missed anything.  Thanks!! Big updates to Lightning Experience; resources updated: https://certifiedondemand.com/user-interface/ Customizable campaign influence objective and resources added: https://certifiedondemand.com/sales-cloud/ Stay in Touch feature removed- slated […]

Summer ’16 Site Updates

Salesforce Release 50 is an awesome one.  Check out the details: [Must / ~20 min / Salesforce.com] [Should / Long / Salesforce.com] [Should / Long / Salesforce.com] My Favorite: the user switcher!   CertifiedOnDemand.com is ready with site updates! Field security is now listed as “Read Access” and “Edit Access” instead of “Read-Only” and “Visible”:  […]

Winter ’16 & Summer ’16 Site Updates

Winter ’16 & Summer ’16 Updates

You’ve asked!  I’ve updated.  There have been quite a few updates in the Winter ’16 (Lightning Experience!) and Spring ’16 Releases from Salesforce.  Here’s what I’ve updated on CertifiedOnDemand.com: General Site Change Log Migrated entire site to use HTTPS.  Please change your bookmarks to https://CertifiedOnDemand.com. This is considered a security best practice.  Previously, SSL was only […]

Spring ’15 & Summer ’15 Updates

I’ve been busier than ever working at Apttus, and finally found a free weekend (with an extra day of PTO) to update CertifiedOnDemand.com.  Here’s what’s changed to reflect the Spring ’15 and Summer ’15 Salesforce.com releases: Spring ’15 Change Log Salesforce now provides the capability to block duplicate records, as well as clean existing duplicates. […]

About the Recent Outage

Hi everyone, As many of you have noticed, CertifiedOnDemand.com was unreachable for several days this past week.  I’ve been flooded with all forms of communication asking why and when it will be available again.  I tried to respond to as many of you as possible, and wanted to take a moment to explain what happened and what […]